Mental Colour Chart (2017)

When we were younger, we learned about colour and how we could connect them to objects and even the days of the week. It seems very natural to do so.

In this project I wanted to test how easy it would be to give a colour to something that isn't visible to the naked eye. Mental health.

I made a survey that started out with the easy to answer questions. 'Are you a male, female or other?'. After they answered that question I asked which colour they would give to their previous answer. I did that with every single question they had answered.

To make sure the survey would reach the right audience, I posted the survey on several mental health related forums. From depression to a drug addiction. The results were quit interesting.

There was a big difference between Male and Female answers. That is why there are two different results shown. Wherever there isn't a visible colour, there was nobody who answered the questions. And the less visible the back is, the more people gave an answer to that question. Making the 'extra-ordinary' results less anonymous than the 'ordinary' results. 

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